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Guide to Using Gilding Waxes

Gilding waxes are easy and fun to use. They add a little sparkle to any project,
humble or grand.
You can use a small brush, but personally I prefer using my
finger to apply the waxes. There is
something about the way your finger can
just glide across the surface of a bead or relief that
looks natural and authentic.
Gilding waxes are the closest thing to the look of real gold leaf but
are infinitely
easier to apply and come in 9 stunningly beautiful colors.
By dipping a small 1”
2” brush into mineral spirits, wiping the excess on a paper towel, then dipping -----
into the wax, you
can create a beautiful metallic glaze for your entire piece.
Mixing the gilding waxes together or with clear or antiquing waxes gives you a
larger range of colors in which to make your piece
unique. Try mixing Silver and
Brass or Empire for an exceptional platinum color.
Like all wax the gilding waxes
clean up with mineral spirits. If you get a bit in an unwanted
spot simply saturate
a cotton swab with a dab of mineral spirits and wipe the area clean.

Happy gilding,

Our gilding waxes are manufactured by two different companies; therefore,
you will see differences in consistency and similarities in colors.

These colors are almost identical:

Brass and Empire
Renaissance and Florentine
Silver I and Silver II

Classic and King Gold are similar, but not close enough to be listed above.

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